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HIV/AIDS Testing Services (HTS)

AIC has and continues to be at the helm of providing HIV counseling and testing in this country.  AIC has built capacity of both health workers and Community teams in provision of quality HCT.  AIC has employed different approaches in HCT targeting different most at risk populations.  From moonlight HCT among sex workers, track drivers to community camping, HCT for fishing communities, Boda boda cyclists, to home based counseling for couples and family members to stand alone HCT for general population as well as self referral for those who believe they are at risk. AIC has also supported provider initiated HCT at facility level to TB patient, STI patients and pregnant mothers.  AIC believes in quality HCT services hence continues to support partners, through capacity building in provision of quality services as well as quality control of all tests done.  AIC is the lead implementer on couple HCT.   To date, AIC has provided HCT to more than 3.5 million Ugandans mainly most at risk populations, couples, sex workers, uniformed personnel, Truckers, men with money, men who have sex with men, pregnant mothers and children. AIC has built capacity of more than 2,000 clients in general HCT, Couple HCT, pediatric HCT, Psychosocial counseling.  This is with funding from USAID, CDC, CSF, UNICEF, UNFPA and local partners like Banks and Telecommunication Companies.