Prevention With Positives (PwP) Primary Tabs

AIC has also been providing prevention services to both adults and young people living with HIV.  With funding from CSF and UNFPA, PHAs have received messages on ‘live positively and disseminate the same message to fellow PHAs’. Furthermore, PHAs have been given services that include family planning counseling and products, management of the different opportunistic infections, screening for TB and Septrin for prophylaxis.  They are also targeted for condoms and educated on how to use them.  AIC support PHA groups at AIC to meet regular to learn more on HIV and current trends.  During and after the meetings, AIC provides CD4 testing as well as treatment of OIs.  In partnership with ART Centres, AIC refers those with side effects or need to be initiated onto ARVs.  AIC is supporting more than 5,000 PHAs with a minimum package of prevention with positives in the different centres (AIC database).  AIC has built capacity of 40 young positives in HIV prevention message dissemination and 40 adults in promotion of HIV prevention among the PHAs.