Born With HIV/AIDS Youth Testimony


I Segawa Derrick was born on 3rd April, 1993 in Busia District with the HIV Virus. I used to fall sick every time and my parents did not know the root cause of my Sickness. My mother passed away in 2001 when I was 8 years of age and from that time life changed because I did not know what had caused her death

Three years after my mother’s death, my father took me for an HIV test and he did not tell me the results because I was still young. I started taking tablets I did not know on a daily basis which I got to know later what it was and I am still taking them up to now. I would ask my father and myself why I had to take Septrine every day and He disclosed to me that Septrine was to prevent me from falling sick which was true, although I did not know how serious it was by then.

The drugs used to make me too weak every day but with time, I started coping up with the drugs because my father used to tell me that those drugs were a source of life. In 2005, my counselor told me about more facts about my HIV status which made me feel like I was going to die the following day. By that time, I was still at school and I had to disclose to one of my friends who had disclosed to me that he was HIV positive to help me learn and live with the Virus.

In 2011, I went to Aids Information Centre Jinja branch where I tested again and the results were still positive .I was future counseled and later enrolled in HIV Care. I later met counselor Bulolo Edward who encouraged me to join the Post Test Club of AIC Jinja and it opened up my mind to music dance and drama

I started advocating for HIV/AIDS through music and it really helped me get rid of HIV/AIDS stigma but I was too shy. When AIC Jinja was training Young positives with funding from Civil Society Fund, I was selected to be among those who were trained and the training strengthened my confidence to go public spreading the messages about HIV/AIDs to my fellow youth.

I decided to start my own small project in the names of “SAVE THE YOUTH FROM HIV/AIDS” with support from AIC Post Test Club patron, Counselor Bulolo Edward and Prevention Officer, Kawooya Richard. I visit schools to sensitize the youth, conduct dialogue sessions with their support and guidance.

I also use my social media face book page in the names of DRIC ADONI to reach the youth with HIV related facts during my free time. This has helped me to sensitize thousands of young people worldwide about HIV/AIDS. AIC Jinja is my mother because it has groomed me and linked me to so many opportunities to sensitize about HIV/AIDS to the youth in Busoga region. I have managed to record four songs about HIV/AIDs and I am still writing more. I am proud to be first youth to go public and disclose my HIV Status on social media networks like face book and on twitter in Uganda.