The Untold Story


Before getting married in 1998 Pastor Osiya Stephen and Ms Nasirumbi Mary each of them had ever been in a relationship, they took the imitative to undergo HIV test for over 3 times and their test results were always Concordant Negative.

In 1999 they decided to get married and officially wedded in church. By 2004 wife started to decline in her health   for over a period of one year Seeing that the situation was alarming she decided to take HIV test again at the AIDS Information Centre Jinja alone without her partner, from the test results were brought back of which they were HIV Positive. It was bad news for her but with counseling helped her to cope up with the situation. When her CD4 was done they were 20 cell counts She was referred to Family Hope centre for Care Support and Treatment Jinja.

Two weeks later the drugs reacted negatively on her body as her husband was concerned. It was a trying moment for her for over one year since this was her new partner after losing the first one for unknown cause of death

She could not keep it for herself any more, disclosed to him by 2007 and he was shocked yet they had been testing IV negative. In 2008 she developed bad defects of her eyes and the recommendation from the doctors was to stop ARV treatment for about 3 months. When her health improved she was switched to second line ARVs up to now 2009.As model couples they have endeavored to open up to all their 6 children though one of the child is infected This has helped the couples to adhere to ART treatment and continued to give their lives to God

This has silenced many Powerful men of God / Famous Pastors to believe that HIV and AIDS it is real

 He encourages fellow born again to go for HIV testing as well as adherence to taking all the required medicines provided by the doctors. Bible is good with faith but Gods will to heal not to depend on how much to pray but how much God is willing to heal them. He quotes in James that faith without works is dead.

Lessons: Life after HIV is with God to take care with death is inevitable life has to continue Adherence is important and Unity. HIV cannot come out from one’s body where there is quality

Below is Nasirumbi Mary when she experienced had times supported by her partner Pastor Osiya Stephen

Below Pastor Osiya Stephen and Ms Nasirumbi Mary after recovery