The Value Of A Girl Child And The Future


  • During the months identified a young mother (Naloogo) in the community who had 2 girls’ twins and 1son.

The husband does not take his full responsibility to care for the family of which getting a meal is a problem as sometimes they go without food. The husband has more other 7 children besides these 3 children .One time the husband come and collected most of the home items claiming that his first wife was the owner and she had come back to stay with him. It was hurting for Naloogo but she had nothing to do but to let the husband take the home items. The husband sells second hand shoes in Jinja town and he is addicted to alcohol that might be one of the reasons of not taking all his full responsibility as a father in the home. He comes to visit Naloogo whenever he feels like occasionally.

The decision that was agreed between the counselor and Naloogo was to come at AIC Jinja branch the following day on the 10 the January 2012 for VCT so as to get appropriate referral to the relevant authorities in order to get support.

She reported at AIC was counseled, tested and received her results. After VCT she was referred to Network for the Marginalized   Children at Oboja Road –Jinja (NEMERCY) and to “Mukama Ayamba” Net work that gives support to young mothers for None Medical services (Wrap around Services).

She was effectively referred and received the support as expected.

The following day she brought her friend who had a young daughter of 2 months, the husband from the time she delivered disappeared and nowhere to be traced. She had come to do the work of house girl in town but unfortunately were she had high hopes for the job they could not keep her because of the young baby. She was given one week to look where else to go. Her parents requested her to bring the father of the child before they could forgive her which was too difficult to her life.

She was encouraged to go through VCT as request for further support to the referral agencies.

After VCT exercise was given a referral letter to NEMERCY and Mukama Ayamba.

She both networks welcomed the two girls and now they receive material support from Mukama Ayamba to include; Food, Clothing’s.

Nalongo the husband failed to pay house rent and now cleans the compound in exchange to clear up the house rent but the house where she stays is not convenient there is no any ventilation as it is a go down