Arua Regional Centre was opened in 2002 to scale up HCT services in the 8 districts of West Nile contributing to the Vision of the organization "seeing a population free of HIV/AIDS and other preventable health problems".  The region has 38 staff categorized as 14 community based trainers, 8 district - based trainers, 2 data entrants, 4 Project officers, 3 coordinators, 1 Finance and administration officer, 1 Regional Manager, 1 M&E officer, 1 office attendant, 1 Driver, 1 Nurse and A Laboratory Technician. 

It has a Regional Adversory Committee (RAC) chaired by Hon. Dick Nyai and with Dr. Onzubo Paul as Vice Chairperson / BOT Representative, Mr. Henry Lulu Leku (Regional manager and secretary), Rose Atibuni (Treasurer), Jack Kokole Mawa (PLI Representative), Rokoni Ronald (Special Interest group), Chandiru Clara (PTC Representative), Awio Lilian (Member) and Rev. Canon Dr. John Milton Anguyo.


On-going Projects 

  • Global fund Health System Strengthening (UGA-S-TASO) for West Nile and Northern Uganda
  • Global fund HIV/TB (UGA-C-TASO) for West Nile and Northern Uganda
  • USAID/Uganda BETTER OUTCOMES for children and Youth in Eastern and Northern Uganda
  • AIC Routine Prohram Activities



Key achievements under Better Outcomes Project (2016/17)

  • 1519 house holds were achieved over a period of 1 Year (July 2016/June 2017). A total of 11958 beneficiaries were enrolled into the project from the 1519 house holds in the 4 subcounties of River Oli, Logiri, Odupi and Rhino Camp in Arua district.
  • 7349 home visists have been conducted by the 120 para social workers in the 4 districts of River Oli, Logiri, Odupi and Rhino Camp. The home visits are conducted to indenty cases, manage cases, conduct referrals and linkages for statutory cases.
  • 698 referrals were made by para social workers. The beneficiaries referred all received the services referred to
  • 12  case conferencing were held to discuss cases identified and managed. All child protectors were engaged in this case conference
  • A total of 106 VSLA+ groups were formed in the 4 project sub Counties comprising 2206 members. A total of UGX 115,205,300 was realized in savings from the 106 VSLA Groups. 1,488 beneficiaries were supported to start IGAs from the borrowing and investments from the VSLA
  • A total of 301 households received assorted input Vouchers of which 49 received 147 Solars, 4 received 1070 kgs of Beans, 4 received 40 kgs of maize and 141 received 846 chicken (Poultry) in the four Project sub County. Each household
  • A total 410 the most vulnerable orphans and children OVC who are either out of school or at risk of dropping out of school, and children who are within two years of reaching completion of primary or secondary level (PLE, O, A level) were supported through the School block grants initiatives. 341 (180 males & 161 females) of the total were in Primary while 69 (39 males & 30 Females) were in secondary Schools. During the year, a Total sum of UGX 172,129,550 was paid out of which 107,868,100 was paid to pupils in primary and 64,261,450 was paid to students in Secondary Schools. The payment covered admission Fee, school Fees, dev't Fee, examination fee, PTA, school meal, Uniforms, Sanitary Pads and other scholastics.
  • A total of 49 out of school youth who have chosen non formal education path after undergoing training in the youth curriculum are undergoing training in different vocational skills training with 7 different local artisans and institutions. 35 (71.4%) of the NFE beneficiaries are females
  • 36 Clubs are supported by the District based trainers(DBTs) in the four targeted subcounties of Logiri, Odupi River Oli and Rhino camp. 21 PEEC (Protection Economic Empowerment club) clubs are formed and supported in schools, 9 PECS (Peer Educator club) and 6 GIC clubs target out of school beneficiaries.  The clubs meet weekly in the four subcounties.


Key achievements under Global Fund HIV/TB

  • 66 Backup Riders were Oriented in TB Infection Control and Biosafety with the support of Ministry of Health Central Public Health Reference lab regional trainer. Service agreements were signed and the backup riders were facilitated for transportation of TB specimens aimed at increasing Case Detection rates, sputum follow up and hence treatment success and cure rates in the 8 West Nile districts.
  • The Centre continued to facilitate the 69 Sub County Health Workers in the 8 West Nile Districts (69% of the 100 Sub Counties) to conduct home visits aimed at contact tracing, identifying and supporting TB treatment supporters to implement CB and family based DOTS. This is critical in promoting adherence, sputum follow up and hence increased treatment success and cure rates
  • 15 Additional successfully treated Multi Drug Resistant TB Patients were identified and trained in the 3 MDR TB treatment Centres of Arua, Gulu and Kitgum as expert clients giving a cumulative total 30 MDR TB Expert patients in the AIC supported districts.
  • The Centre Continued to facilitate the MDR Expert clients to conduct home visits and support TB patients on adherence on TB treatment to avoid development of Drug Resistance and supporting MDR TB Patients to adherence and complete treatment to avoid development of extensive Drug Resistance (XDR).


Key Achievements under Global Fund HSS

  • Identified 8 CSOs per district & mapped their locations for organizational capacity assessment in the 4 HSS Districts of Arua, Yumbe in West Nile and Gulu & Kitgum in the North, Conducted Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) for the 32 CSOs identified to identify gaps for capacity building.
  • Trained 68 leaders of the CSOs to bridge the gaps identified during OCA to position them to mobilize resources for their organizations to improve health service delivery in the districts and 28 CBO leaders from 14 CBOs selected for seed granting were placed for experiential learning at TASO Gulu.
  • A total of 14 CBO, were supported to develop concept proposals and budgets, mentored and  were sub granted worth UGX 101,407, 680 to implement activities in line with National priorities
  • The Centre continued to facilitate the 120 community linkage facilitators (2 per Health facility), 30 per district X 4 districts to Linkages between health facilities and community in management. of TB, HIV, malaria MCH, Gender based violence in the 4 HSS Districts of Arua, Yumbe in West Nile and Gulu & Kitgum in the North.
  • The 120 Community Linkage facilitators (30 per District) were oriented on Ministry of health tools (HMIS 097, 097a, 097b, Tables 015a, 015b, CLIFs Daily log sheet, etc), record keeping and reporting (at the district level)



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