HIV Prevention Services

Sexual Reproductive Health Services

As a strategy to reduce HIV incidence, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies amongst vulnerable young men and women aged engaged in transient trades (bar tenders, boda boda cyclists, shoe shines), AIC is using a sexual and reproductive health and rights approach. Among the services given are Family Planning, Post Abortion Care, Cervical Cancer Screening, SGBV Services, Safe Motherhood and Comprehensive Sexual Education.

Elimination Of Mother To Child Transmission Of HIV (EPMTCT) Services

AIC has for a long time facilitated the public and private facilities to provide PMTCT services.  However, with funding from CSF and UNFPA, AIC once again opened its centres to pregnant mothers for HCT and antenatal care.  Similarly AIC in its outreaches, provides a Tent where pregnant mothers can go for HCT as well as women and girls of reproductive age group, for HIV counseling and family planning counseling.  Pregnant mothers found positive have a CD4 done and referred to public and private facilities for ARVs.  Soon when AIC centres start ARVs those mothers are believed will be given fi

HIV/AIDS Testing Services (HTS)

AIC has and continues to be at the helm of providing HIV counseling and testing in this country.  AIC has built capacity of both health workers and Community teams in provision of quality HCT.  AIC has employed different approaches in HCT targeting different most at risk populations.  From moonlight HCT among sex workers, track drivers to community camping, HCT for fishing communities, Boda boda cyclists, to home based counseling for couples and family members to stand alone HCT for general population as well as self referral for those who believe they are at risk.