HIV Care Services

HIV Care

AIC has been providing palliative care through its medical department in all regional centres.  Clients who test HIV positive have a CD4 count done, get screened for TB and visit a medical Officer and Counselor for any medical problem.  They receive Septrin for prophylaxis as well as INH prophylaxis for TB.  We  provide treatment for STIs as well as OI treatment.  They are registered in the HIV care register and monthly reported through Health Management Information System (HMIS) to Ministry of Health.  On average AIC provides HIV care to 4,000 HIV positive clients annually.  Apart from HIV

TB/HIV Integration Services

AIC with support from CDC funded a TB/HIV integration program for 5 years. AIC and Medicines Science for Health-MSH are Jointly implementing a 5 year TB Project called ‘National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program-NTLP-TRACK TB’ targeting Kampala City.  AIC has taken advantage and has continued to screen all TB patients in the catchment districts where it provides services for HIV through HCT.  In this regard more than 10,000 TB patients have benefited in knowing their HIV status and in getting TB treatment.  AIC is a Diagnostic Treatment Centre.

Orphans And Vulnerable Children And HIV Pediatric Care

AIC in partnership with OVC NGOs like Bantwana, FXB, Child Development Centres in the AIC Centres has provided HIV prevention and care services to OVCs.  Specifically AIC has provided HCT to more than 6,000 OVCs, HIV care including TB screening and treatment, Septrin prophylaxis and OI treatment to more than 3,000 OVCs.  AIC has and will continue to partner with OVC organizations to deliver a full package of OVC services to OVCs.